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     Do You Have Control Of Your Money?

Please Read Below - It Will Take Only 4-5 Minutes.  Your Families Retirement Legacy May Depend On It...

The Book You Miss, Won't Help!! ~ Jim Rohn  


The goal of this site is to create a "DEFINING MOMENT" in the way you think about money.  That defining moment will occur with your understanding of the Efficiency of Money.  The concepts that will be presented here are simple yet effective methods of reducing and or eliminating financial transfers of your wealth that you make everyday, unknowingly and unnecessarily.  Your savings, by utilizing just some of these concepts, could be staggering.  If properly suited, this knowledge could create more financial options and opportunities for you in the future.  You'll learn that simply following the masses can create "UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES".  

If you’ve come here due to our conversation, Congratulations, you have made it.  It’s been said that half of what it takes to becoming successful is just showing up!  I respect and want to thank you for keeping your commitment to at least giving this a look.  If you’ve been searching for some "SMART IDEAS" to help your financial position and just happened to land here, Welcome, as this may be just what the doctor ordered!  

Remember, it’s been said “If You Find Yourself In A Hole, Stop Digging”

This simple website will introduce you to 4 crucial Financial Quadrants.  Debt Elimination (Or Management), Savings (Asset Accumulation), Protection (Of Your Assets) and the Preservation (of your Estate).  Understanding these 4 quadrants with a “Banker’s Mindset” and utilizing “Tax-Favorable Strategies”, all while creating a plan with each one in mind, is essential to your Retirement coming true and your ability to leave a Legacy to your family for many generations to come.

Eighth Wonder of the World (Compound Interest) ...Albert Einstein


We know people tend to oppose that which they do not understand and I think you would agree that you should have a strong belief in an idea or strategy before you would likely implement it, let alone tell others about it.  The worst form of ignorance is when we judge or reject something we know little or nothing about. And who was the wise pereson who once said "you don't know what you don't know"?

What You Don’t Know, “Will” Eventually Hurt You!

    ~ So let me suggest a few ground rules before embarkinig on this experience ~

   • Be open-minded to new ideas that may even be counterintuitive...

   • Be willing to suspend your disbelief...

   • Withhold justifying why you're doing certain things right now. Different isn’t always better, but better is always      different...

So please, take the time necessary to understand these much needed principles, because even if you are debt free & have your retirement plan laid in stone (which is less than 2% of us), you may be the conduit which could lead someone else from financial despair to a much better financial outcome.  Now with a little education and awareness, you will soon come to understand and believe in this “NEW MATH”.


People Don’t Plan To Fail, They Just Fail To Plan!  


      Have you Ever Felt like this guy and said to yourself, “Will It Ever Stop? When Is Enough, Enough”?  TAXES - TAXES - TAXES, hundreds of them we pay each and every month and they never stop!  Your money will never be worth more than it is Today and we may be in the lowest Tax Bracket we will ever see again. This is why you need to know there are ways to save and grow your money in Tax-Favorable environments.  

When was the last time you made a definitive change to your financial plan?  If you don't have one yet, do you think it's about time?  Do you believe you really understand the value of money and how it works (for or against us), given the impact it has on our lives these days?  And in this difficult economy, do you think just maybe, it really does matter?  Speaking for myself,  I sure do and I have found some solutions I believe you'll find fascinating, easy to understand and implement without risk!

Hi, my name is Pete Finney and I'm working within the Financial Services segment of the Insurance Industry to ensure our clients keep their hard earned money.  We offer a very unique approach in that we help find money you are currently transferring away unknowingly and unnecessarily. The way we do that is by helping you focus on the losses in your financial life rather than helping you try and pick the winners. Enjoying retirement is attainable by anyone who puts into practice the proper strategies in time to accumulate enough to allow the MIRACLE OF COMPOUNDING to work for them. Invest some time into understanding these 4 financial quadrants, and you will soon come to believe why managing your assets properly and putting your money to work for YOU, not the BANKS or UNCLE SAM, are such important pieces of the retirement puzzle.

Thank You For Your Time And Consideration.  I'm Looking Forward To Our Next Conversation


~The Foundation Of Every Program Has To Be Guaranteed Before Assuming Risk You Cannot Afford~

"Which Is The Reason We Do Not Want Our Clients Losing Money Due To The Markets"

(This Way, We All Can Sleep Well At Night)

So let's start with an understanding of the basics > Retirement, Ready or Not!