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                                                          the importance of having liquid capitol to support growth. Though money for a business is necessary, borrowing it can be very difficult. There is one strategy utilized by many businesses which can provide easy access to capitol - Permanet Life Insurance. One of the many benefits of Permanet Life Insurance is the fact that there is quick availability to cash. This and others often go unnoticed by business owners because it is something that many financial planners do not talk about or promote as they are either not educated on the strategy or licenced to offer it.

The following is a list of well known businesses that were started or funded by using Permanet Life Insurance.

1929: J.C. Penney - James Cash Penney used the cash value in his Life Insurance policies to meet the payroll and day-to-day expenses of his department store, JC Penney. This allowed the company to ultimately rebound from the Great Depression. Today the company has an annual revenue of $18 billion.

1939: Foster Farms was founded in 1939 when Max and Verda Foster borrowed $1,000 against their life insurance policy to buy an 80-acre farm near Modesto, CA.

1955: Walt Disney borrowed from his life insurance in 1953 to help fund Disneyland, his first theme park, when no banker would lend him the money.

1961: McDonalds - When Ray Kroc bought out his partners (The McDonald brothers), he used money from his two cash value Life Insurance policies to cover the salaries of key employees. He also used the funds to pay for the marketing campaign for his new mascot, Ronald McDonald.

1980: Pampered Chef - In 2002, Doris Christopher sold her kitchen tool company, the Pampered Chef to Warren Buffett for a reported $900 million.  Seven years earlier, she launched the company with a life insurance policy loan.