About Me

I was born and raised here in the Sacramento Valley, raised by a father who was born in 1896, who went from riding horses and buggies, to witnessing the first Ford automobiles built, to watching the the first man walk on the moon and saw the first space shuttle fly into space.  He of course went thru the depression as many did and managed to start a small 2-3 person insurance office, keep it in the black and was able to offer us (his second family, due to the death of his first wife), a pretty nice lifestyle.  Of course, nothing like the opulent obsessions we see today, but none the less, fairly nice.  And yes, my mother was much younger.  I'm sure they

told me to save now and then but silly me, why listen to that when they gave me pretty much anything I wanted and I didn't understand what money represented anyway.  And of course I certainly didn't want to walk in dads shoes and learn the insurance business, as I was a product of the 70's and to wear a white shirt and tie, just wasn't going to happen.  Dad worked up through his 88th birthday, lived to be nearly 92 and was a great example of a very good man.  Mom was also a very good person and of course a Wonderful Mom, however passed way too early due to a very bad habit - Smoking!


Pete Finney


Husband & Father

Financial & Health Ins Services    

Favorite Hobbies:




Favorite Subjects:

Ethics / Morality / Truth / Justice

Money & How It Really Works

The Universe / Science

Favorite Quote:

If your word means anything, you have no option but to do what you said you were going to do...

Favorite Vacation Spot:

Anywhere On A Motorcycle

Personal Motto:

A Persons Personal Philosophy Is The Greatest Determining Factor In How Their Life Will Turn Out.

                              ...Jim Rohn

Our Four Children:

Emily, Chester, Abigail, Walter & Granddaughter Cadence Grace

   After High School my drivers license was suspended and I ended up going to a JC. However after just one semester I thought I was smart enough, quit and went to work as a motorcycle mechanic (I really like motorcycles).  Then I decided to become a carpenter for all the wrong reasons. I married my long time girlfriend Kim Marie Wilber in 1979 shortly after starting construction of my first two homes.  No sooner did we return from our honeymoon to find out our homes were not going to sell any time soon due to rising interest rates (18+%).  I earned my B-1 general contractor license and tried to survive the market of the 80's, but soon gave up on that dream as I realized I needed to start over at something that made a little more sense.  I worked as a firemen for a couple of years earning minimum wage and after bouncing around a few sales jobs, I went to work for a couple of large national construction companies, and we all know where that industry has gone again.  Now with 4 grown children, a 10 year old granddaughter and married to Kim for 38 years, I now know that having one's financial house in order early, is tremendously important to the whole family, as we really cannot predict our working future.

OK, so I now have earned  a CA Life & Health Insurance license and I'm working within the Financial Services segment of the Insurance Industry.  Helping people protect their families to ensure their retirement is a happy one and avoid the retirement traps many of us have stepped into, is a very rewarding way for me to “Play The Back Nine”.